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It refers to buildings and structures that people engage in all kinds of production activities. Include. Industrial plants: they can be divided into general industrial plants and special industrial plants. Classified by industrial classification. In the late eighteenth Century, the industrial buildings in the first place appeared in England, and later in the United States and some European countries, various industrial buildings were also built. The Soviet Union began large-scale industrial construction in the 20~30's of the twentieth Century. China started building a large number of industrial buildings in 50s.        

Industrial Architecture

All kinds of buildings, structures and equipment that are paid or paid for public products and services should be set up within the scope of planning and construction of urban areas and towns. All kinds of public infrastructure construction in urban life belong to the scope of municipal engineering, such as common urban roads, bridges, subways, such as pipelines closely related to life: rainwater, sewage, Sheung Shui, water, electricity (outside the red line), telecommunications, heat, gas and so on, as well as the construction of squares, urban greening and so on, all of which belong to the municipal engineering category.    

Civil Engineering        

A tunnel is a building built underground or under water or in the mountains, laying railways or building roads for motor vehicles. According to their location, they can be divided into three categories: mountain tunnel, underwater tunnel and urban tunnel. To shorten the distance and avoid large ramps, it is known as a mountain tunnel crossing the hills or hills. It is called an underwater tunnel for passing through rivers or Straits from the river or under the sea. It is called the urban tunnel to traverse the city underground to meet the needs of the railway through the big cities. Mountain tunnels are the most frequently constructed in these three types of tunnels.

Tunneling works

The construction of reinforced concrete structure is the main content of the construction of soil and water construction projects. It plays a very important role in both the consumption of manpower and material resources as well as the impact of construction period. The construction of reinforced concrete structures includes two aspects: cast-in-place concrete structure construction and factory construction of precast concrete components. The cast-in-place concrete structure has good integrity and strong earthquake resistance. The consumption of steel is low, which makes the cast-in-place construction of concrete structure develop rapidly. In particular, most of the high-rise buildings in China are cast-in-place concrete structures, and the development of high-rise buildings has also promoted the construction technology of reinforced concrete.

Structural Engineering

Construction and installation works are part of the construction project. Compared with the scope of construction projects, the scope of construction works is relatively narrow. The engineering entity completed by the construction works for the construction, expansion and reconstruction of buildings and structures is called building and installation works. In the engineering project, it is based on the engineering unit of each unit. According to the unified standard of GB50300-2001, each unit project consists of nine parts: foundation and foundation, main structure, decoration and decoration, and building intelligence.

Installation Project

Non productive residential buildings and public buildings are made up of a number of indoor spaces of different sizes. The formation of their space requires various entities to be combined, and these entities are called building structures and accessories. The general civil building consists of foundations, walls or columns, floors, staircases, roofs, doors and windows and other accessories, such as residential buildings, office buildings, kindergartens, schools, canteens, movie theaters, hospitals, hotels, exhibition galleries, shops and stadiums.        

Civil Architecture          

Water conservancy and hydropower projects are important infrastructure and basic industries in China. The main object of this major is water conservancy project (dam, sluice, hydropower station, etc.). Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of mathematics, mechanics and engineering structure, water conservancy and water energy economic calculation and so on, which are necessary for the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects. They master the necessary engineering design methods, construction management methods and scientific research methods, and have the basic capabilities of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and related engineering survey, planning, design, construction, research and management. Graduates have strong competitiveness in choosing jobs and a wide range of employment adaptability.


In the aspect of bridge construction, the construction organization will make full use of computers to manage economically and effectively. In the construction technology, we will continue to quote new technologies and high efficiency, high-performance equipment and equipment, so as to improve the quality, shorten the construction period and reduce the cost. Construction of bridge abutments: monolithic pier and abutment construction, stone pier and pier, concrete abutment, construction of fabricated pier and abutment; construction of block pier and pier; foundation construction of pier and pier foundation; open cut and enlarged foundation construction; pile and pipe foundation construction; caisson foundation construction; bridge beam bearing structure construction: scaffold cast-in-place method; precast installation method; cantilever construction method; rotary construction method; jacking pushing construction method; mobile mould carrier main hole construction method; transverse movement method; lifting and floating transportation method

Bridge Construction

Building decoration engineering is to protect the main structure of the building, improve the use function of the building and beautify the building, and adopt various decoration and decoration materials or decorations to deal with the various processes of the inside and outside surface and space of the building. The decoration projects of the company are mainly decorated and decorated for industrial buildings


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