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General Manager Speech

Welcome to Indonesia Fudong Construction Co., ltd site. This website is the enterprise window. We will share some information about Indonesia Fudong Construction in this window to let you know more about us. Our purpose to build this website is as a window to meet people whom agree to make a good teamwork, have a brilliant mind to bond a friendship and the bridge of cooperation.
Indonesia Fudong Construction Co., Ltd is a China-Indonesia Joint Venture Company established in 2011, keep growing with the concern and support of all sectors of society. I sincerely appreciate for all of the support and concern! Adhering to the concept of safety, efficiency and reliability, we are committed to create an internationally competitive construction company, focusing on improving the core competitiveness of engineering construction, by keep the safety, efficiency, integrity and mutual benefit.
Senior Manager Experience:
Talent is company’s main priority, when employees are company’s important assets. The improvement of staff quality and professional knowledge show the growth of company wealth; improvement of staff welfare and living standard shows the concrete result of company’s operating performance. We will try our best to create a good and harmonious environment in company, like set up a stage for employees to show their abilities and talents, let the employees feel comfortable to show their talent and welcome their performances with an open mind.
As the leader of the company, we keep training our employees to always encourage our customers. We are appreciated to the customers who choose our company, because, so we can get paid, survive and keep improving. Those will not be reached without trust and support from our customers.
Now, though we face a big challenge, in this modern and fast development era, that we need an enormous energy. Fudong still remain to keep in faith, strong willing, strict discipline, and undefeatable; remain loyal, be responsible, fulfilling our duties, not adopting an old thinking style, not sticking to the rules, be more creative, more innovative; give more effort, united, cooperative, and devoted; create an enjoyable work, joyful life, happiness into our work process. With Fudong work’s attitude that always keep to looking up, looking forward, do the best, not complaining, and working hard, that inspired us to overcome difficulties and keep forward.
Our company has became more significant and keep growing because of all your support and concern, and we are willing to work together with friends from all of the world to create a brighter future.

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