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Guohua Indonesia power plant unit 1 put into operation

Construction of highly efficient and environmentally friendly power plant with large installed capacity and excellent index for Indonesia

The thermal power generating unit with independent intellectual property rights invested by Chinese enterprises overseas invested by the national energy group, unit 1 of the 2 * 1050MW coal-fired power generation project of the state energy group, Indonesia, Java 7, has recently signed the business operation date certificate and the handover transfer Handbook. This marks the launch of the highly efficient and environment-friendly power plant with large installed capacity, high parameter, advanced technology and excellent indicators in the history of Indonesia's power construction.

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According to Zhang Yuxin, spokesman of the state energy group, the total investment of Java 7 in Indonesia is 12 billion yuan (US $1 billion 883 million), with a total installed capacity of 2 * 1050MW. The main body of the project is Shenhua Guohua (Indonesia) Java Power Generation Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the state energy group and a subsidiary of PJBI, a subsidiary of the state power company of Indonesia, which is jointly invested by 7 of the 3 contribution of PJBI. The project is fully controlled, organized and implemented by Guohua Power Company, the national energy group. After the whole operation, the annual power generation is about 15 billion kwh.

This project is one of the highest number of coal-fired generating units in the Indonesian electric power industry. At the same time, it has one of the largest lignite boilers in the world, one of the largest capacity generators (1240MVA) and one of the largest double row primary fans with 4600KW power.

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During the full load trial operation of unit 1, the main and auxiliary equipment of the unit runs steadily, the quality of the steam water is qualified, the input rate of electrical and thermal protection is 100%, the standard coal consumption of power supply is 287.1g/kWh, the concentrations of soot, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are 16.96mg/Nm3, 107.88mg/Nm3 and 173.27mg/Nm3 respectively, and the main economic and technical indexes are up to or better than the design value, and the major environmental indicators are much better than the local discharge standards.
The Indonesian Java 7 project is the second power plant successfully built by Guohua Electric Power in Indonesia. The power plant is committed to environmental protection and ecological construction, actively promoting ecological protection projects, and maintaining the coastal wetland ecology. The mangrove coverage rate along the coastal areas during the capital construction period has increased by more than 30% on the original basis.
Song Chang, secretary and chairman of Guohua Electric Power Party committee, said that as an earlier "go out" Chinese enterprise, Guohua Electric power is committed to the development and internationalization of clean coal fired power generation technology integrated with industry, University and research, and has become the "bridgehead" of the national energy group in the coordinated development of energy market in Southeast Asia.

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